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(above) This is a Polaris Ranger Crew with dog cages, high seat, front quail seat, flat bed, water containment system, roof etc. What a COOL rig.

ATV#1: (above)

We can build the complete unit including rig out of needed trailers and UTV’s. This is a 2010 Polaris XP with dog cages, high bucket seats, game baskets and much more. This is all on factory suspension and handles very well. We supplied the trailer, rigged it out with a tool box, made it easy loading with built in tie downs and easy folding ramps.



<----ATV#2:This shows our front mount gun mount and tray option. This entire cage folds forward to gain access to the Polaris Rangers front hood storage area.


ATV#3:---->This is our top seat with lots of storage and ice chest holders. Notice this ATV rack has ladders off both sides and is mounted in the front of the rack.



This is a 2010 Polaris Crew with a top bench seat, dog cages, front baskets, fold up windshield and lots more. This is on factory suspension and handles very well. We build them light.


This is a 2005 Kawasaki Trans Mule with a rear bench seat and a roof. Nice and simple.




This is a 2006 Kawasaki Trans Mule with a rear bench, roof, front game basket and more.


ATV#7:This shows our ATV 5’ jacked up rig in the up position. This unit is also equipped with a Top Drive set up.

<----ATV#8:This is a Polaris Ranger 6 wheeler with a full hunting blind on top.


This is a 2009 Kawasaki Terex with misc. baskets installed for storage.


<----ATV#10:This shows the dog boxes with doors folded down. This allows easy entry for the dogs. Notice the 150 lb. feeder in the center of boxes.



This is a 2010 Kawasaki Trans Mule with a full canvas cab, folding windshield, top bench seat and a folding front basket for easy game loading using an electric winch just to make it easier. We are all about easy.



This is the folding game winch basket in the down position.

ATV#13:----> This is a Kawasaki Trans mule with a complete hunting blind with roll up windows. This is on factory suspension.

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