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Aluminum Rigs? No Problem, we build them as “you” want them!


Truck High Seats

Here we have an example of a High Seat Chevy with a removable quail rack up front.
A cool Ford Raptor with a double bucket high seat, also a top rack with a shooting rest.
This is a toolbox style bench high seat.  This truck has a custom front and rear bumper with a folding game basket, a swivel crane is mounted off the back for ease of loading heavy game.  Other options include LED lights and a Game call horns mounted on the shooting rest.
Another nice High Seat… This one is removable in a single unit, for use of the truck during off season.
What a nice Toyota Tacoma High Seat.  Camo Wrapped, Rocker and fender armor, steps seamlessly molded into the rest of the tubing work.  Really nice setup.
Another really nice dual row high seat.  Double bucket with an automotive style bench seat in back. Again, the high seat is removable for off season use of the truck.
Here we see a little larger Double row high seat.  This one has a sealed gun cabinet under the front bucket seats. 
This is a nice example of a Double Row Top Drive High seat.  It has a cooler holder and a larger wet storage basket behind the top seat. Super nice setup. 

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