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Performance Top Drives & Custom Hunting Rigs


Everything about this rig is big…  Built off of a military Bob-Duce, this thing is monstrous.  Plenty of seating, for a large party.  This unit even has an Ice chest elevator, with just a flip of a switch you can raise or lower your large ice chests with ease, no more lugging them up and down the stairs.  This unit also includes a hydraulic roof. 

This is a Monster truck build from the ground up. We used Military axles and we built the truck from the ground up. We used a 440 horse power fuel injected Chevy V-8 engine which is a very quiet engine and exhaust system and due to our cooling system design the engine runs really cool on temperature. We installed an automatic transmission for ease and it is a 4WD with a High and Low gear selection. This is a really smooth riding quiet machine. This machine is specifically designed to be used in a Rough Terrain application. We built this truck specifically to have a low center of gravity compared to the overall height and width of it. The tires are a massive 52” tall stance. We installed a flatbed on the rear with a pivoting game hoist designed to pick up Elk and other big animals. The front ladder sits low to the ground and hydraulically pivots up when driving for better clearance. The roof is a hydraulic roof and has roll down curtains for those cold winter days. We even installed a gas operated heater system in this rig. This is a Monster truck of imagination. Nobody compares to our designs, Nobody.


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