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Here is a unique set up, check out how everything is molded into the body of the car.



This was a Suburban at one time now itís a really nice touring rig.  Multi seat levels fold down windshield are just some of the options on this rig.  


Another Suburban, but this one is stretched to accommodate another row of seating.  Full canopy with plenty of lighting.


Can you believe this started out as a Ford F-250?  Fold down game basket, extended rear bumper nice stereo system, multiple levels of seating, trash shoot, lots of cabinet space are just some of the options on this rig has to offer.


Yet Another nice suburban cut down.  Good amount of storage under seats, and footrests, in back, and on sides, both dry and wet areas available.   Cork flooring for a nice quiet decorative look.



Check this one out.  Previously a suburban now an awesome hunting rig.  Have a look at the added rear high seat: with a shooting pad in front of it, and a canopy above.



Now this is a rig, it is even equipped with FLIR!! Nothing can hide from you now!!  


Here we have another really nice touring rig. Have a look at the personalized lighted Logo on the back seat


Much time was spend building this rig.  The entrance ways to enter the back high seats were covered by a door made from the original body panels that would normally be cut out.  This keeps the trucks sleek look.  Part of the head liner behind the upper part of the windshield was kept so that the original map lights and garage door/gate opener buttons could remain.


This rig is based off an F-150.  Shooting rest for all, rear game basket with a winch above, custom stereo, are just a few of this rigís options.


Now this one is LOADED!!! 5 Different levels of seating, top drive, stretched rear, to add room for stairs and another bench seat.  WOW!



Another amazing rig:  5 rows of seating, the rear of truck is stretched to accommodate another bench seat and large storage cabinets, all covered by a canopy and a solid platform that will allow you to lay down and shoot for the longer distance shots.


Here is another nice touring rig.  Several lockable cabinets, front fender gun sheaths, a fold down front game basket, and ice chest holders on both sides, to name a few.



Here is a converted Ford F-250, with several rows of elevated seating and a large shooting platform covering the first two rows of seats, this is to allow for long distance shots in a laying down position.


Now here we have a military hummer, with custom-built front and rear bumpers, both bosting game baskets. Check out the raised ranch Logo. Four bucket seats and a Rear bench seat allows room for 7-8 people.  Multiple Cabinets, wet storage, gun troughs, shooting rest, and LED light bars, are a few of the features this rig has to offer.


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