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Used Trade-ins For Sale

This is a 2004 Jeep Rubicon 4x4 with only 13,716 original miles on it. The top rack is ALL ALUMINUM and is a really nice set up. Two rear game winches, rear game rack, rear feeder, water tank, Yeti Cooler and lots more. We built this set up 2 years ago. This Jeep has an awesome stereo system and lots of LED lights. The suspension has been lifted with larger tires. We have serviced this Jeep and it is ready to go.  This is a super sweet ride. Only asking $39,500


 This is a 1993 Chevy Suburban Top Drive with 167,000 miles on it. We have serviced this unit front to back and is in excellent condition. It runs like a champ and drives really smooth. There is one tear in the top canvas, otherwise the canvas is good. Asking $23,500.

This is a 2002 Chevy Suburban Top Drive Unit. This Suburban only has 88,319 original miles on it. This is one clean ride. We built this unit here and it runs awesome. We have already serviced this unit complete. We replaced the top canvas and replaced all of the seats up top so all canvas is brand new. It has a tilt wheel top drive set up, storage cabinet, run holders, front pivoting game rack and good lighting. It is really clean and drives like a champ. Ready to go. Asking $29,500.

This is a 2008 Ford Super Duty 4X4 Top Drive. This truck is a gas engine and only has 12,477 original miles on this unit. We built this unit and it is outstanding. This was the nicest rig we had built, back in 2008. This unit has a top drive, 4X4 controls up top, stereo system, full gauges, trash system, Led driving top lights, interior Led lights, Stairwell lighting, chest auger feeder, tires are solid rubber – no air, 4 bucket seats, two bench seats, two Frio cooler seats, fancy flooring, pivoting shooting “H” bench up top, heavy duty suspension and lots more. This truck has been garage kept since new but does come with a heavy duty canvas rack cover just in case. This truck is awesome. Asking $95,000.  


This is a 1999 Chevy Suburban Top Drive. This Suburban only has 16,000 original miles on it. This truck has been serviced front to rear and new tires and wheels and is in great condition. Ready for action. The upholstery is in great shape as well. This has full gauges up top, even has 4x4 lever up top and a stereo. Up top it has two bucket seats, Two cooler Seats and one rear bench seat tool box. This truck has a front winch, front feeder and rear game rack. We equipped this unit with our special Décor package, so in 1999, it was as nice as you could get a top drive unit. This even has our rear fold up jump seat on it. Asking $38,000

This is a 2010 F350, 4 door, 4x4, gas engine and auto trans. This truck only has 56,000 original miles on it. We installed this top drive on the truck in 2013 and has been garage kept ever since so this set up is like new. This unit has our full hydraulic steering set up and has a scissor lift jack up blind on the back. It also has a front quail rack set up. It also has a roof on both racks but are not shown in these pictures. This has the nice flooring, stereo, lights etc. Way too much to list here.  Asking $68,000

This is a 1996 Dodge 4x4 pickup with 154,000 miles on the truck. This truck has a hydraulic telescoping jack up rig on the back with two seats in it. The entire truck is sprayed with Line X with a camo pattern. This truck has been serviced by us and is ready to roll. This will get you mobile and high in the air.  Price $10,400

This is a 2001 Chevrolet 4x4 1500 HD pickup with a gas engine, automatic transmission and has 133,000 miles on the pickup. This rig is a Performance Top Drives Rig. We rarely get one of our rigs back to sell. This is a top drive with 2 bucket seats, 1 cooler seat and an "L" bench seat. This also has a feeder. This truck has been serviced and is in great condition front to rear.  Priced at $28,000.

This is a 1984 Chevy ¾ ton Suburban with a high rack on top, roof, seats 3, cooler, feeder, front game carrier, good tires and more. This truck runs like a champ and we have serviced this truck front to back making sure it is a good truck.  Price $8,000

This is a 1999 Dodge 4x4 Top Drive gas engine pickup top drive unit. Although the rack on this unit looks rough it is in good mechanical and operating condition. We have serviced this rig completely. We have replaced all of the top drive cables up top and replaced the top electrical. This unit runs and functions great. Only asking $13,500.

This is a 1989 Chevy 4x4, V-8 engine, standard shift transmission pickup. This has a Warn front winch with heavy duty bumpers front and rear, headache rack and top lights. The tires are solid rubber for no flats. The rear springs are beefed up for feed.  This is my personal truck and I used it for a feed truck for years. It runs great but a/c does not work. I no longer need it. AWESOME RANCH FEED TRUCK. asking $3,400.


Complete Front Quail Rack set up for sale. We rarely get one of these in and this one is a nice one. Full aluminum front quail rack. This can be simply modified to fit any year model or brand of truck you have. This is a steal. Asking $2,950.00


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