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Used Trade-ins For Sale

This is 2010 Ford F250 4x4 with only 56,410 original miles on it. This is a full hydraulic top drive with a jack up scissor lift on the back. This has front quail seats, a pivoting rear game basket, toolboxes, and lots more. This seats 5 in the main top rack and 2 in the jack up rack and 2 on the front quail seats. We just replaced all the canvas on the seats, roof, and rack sides. This rig looks new and has been serviced and is ready for use. This is a super clean rig and drives like a champ. Priced at $73,500.00.

This is a 2011 Jeep Wrangler 2 door with 142,309 miles on it. This jeep has an enclosed high rack that seats two. This set up has a high lift jack, custom bumpers, new tires, lights, gas cans, front strong winch and more. This even has an electric rear game winch on the back. The jeep is all sprayed with bed liner spray. The hard top over the driver and the doors come off and on as wanted. The windshield lays down as wanted. The Air Conditioner blows cold ,and the heater works too. We have serviced this jeep and is ready to go. Priced at $38,800.00

NOTE: We also have a heavy-duty bumper pull trailer that is set up to haul this jeep, if you want the trailer as well for an extra $5,500.00.

 This is a 1996 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 with only 34,707 original miles on it. This has a top drive that seats 4 up top with two bucket seats and a toolbox bench seat. This has heavy duty front and rear bumpers and a front game basket. The tires are new and the top canvas wrap is new. This unit has been serviced including cables and workings and is ready to go. Can’t beat a Very reliable unit for this price. Priced at $29,500.00  

1999 Hummer H1 Pickup - This is a full top-drive with a front quail seat set up and a front game rack as well, not pictured. This Hummer H1 has a 10” suspension lift kit with super large 44 inch tall tires. Because of the wide stance and the suspension modifications, this is the most stable Top Drive rig you will ever drive. A must see in person to appreciate it. This unit seats 8-10 people up top and is super fancy and super nice. This unit has a large stereo system up top with subwoofers and all, thumps hard. This rig still looks brand new. Performance Top Drives built this rig in 2015 and this was the nicest rig we had ever built, at that time. We displayed this rig at the Dallas Safari club show in Dallas in 2016 and it was a super big hit. Priced at $165,000.00

1999 Ford F-250 with High Seat and Top Drive station. This also has a feeder and bumpers. All sprayed with liner. Priced at $28,500.00

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