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The Most Reliable & Stylish Hunting Rigs Ever



Let us outfit your next hunting vehicle for this hunting season!

Interview with Texas Wildlife Radio Show


  • Our High Racks, Top Drives are fabricated of Pipe and Square Tubing with rounded corners and sheet metal decor for durability and style.

  • Optional seating arrangements for multiple people with storage boxes , Ice chest , swivel high back seats, and tool boxes. We can make any kind of seat that you would like to put in your top drive or high rack, and can be covered with any kind of canvas wrap. 

  • Complete Top Drives built with Tilt Wheel Steering columns which feature Hydraulic or Shaft Steering; Hydraulic Brakes, Readable Transmission Floor Shifters, Foot and/or Hand Throttles, Optional Gauges, Radio, G.P.S. Unties, 2-way Radio and lots more.

  • Removable Top Drives unit for use of vehicle during the off season. These units are built with quick disconnects and pins and also feature built-hooks for lifting purposes.

  • Top Drives installation on existing top racks available.

  • Complete Quail Rigs fabrication from any style vehicle with multiple seating and dog cages, perfect for your custom hunting trucks and for South Texas Outfitters.

  • Complete certified four wheel drive and Jeep repair center for needed mechanical or electrical repairs.

  • On-site hunting truck repairs at your ranch if needed.

  • We transport hunting trucks and hunting rigs with a large trailer to and from ranches, for repairs, moving or for any reason.

  • Some of our accessories for our High Racks, Top Drives, and Custom Quail Rig are the different styles of gun rack, cup holders, and tool boxes. We have many other options. Call one of our professionals and let us give you a quote.  

References are available upon request. We want to be your custom truck outfitters.


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